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An adventure, a story...

Passionate about music and entertainment since his early childhood and after years at the conservatory: then aged 15, Manu attended a family evening organized by the festival committee of his commune during the 1994 armada. Evening with the theme of the West Indies (Meals - Fashion Show - Dancing). It was that day that he discovered up close the profession of DJ host and producer of live shows, a profession which was already beginning to run through his head... In addition, already, to being the organist of his commune since he was 14... 



1995: His family and close friends trust him for private and family dance evenings... Ease in hosting and a good analysis of the guests for a suitable musical choice will quickly make him the DJ host of the sector!



1996: Still studying in a technological field of electronics and computing, Manu moves from club to club and from evening to evening. It is then that he will have the opportunity to host the Karaoke room in one of the department's nightclubs and on the occasion of taking the decks during this club's big events. 



1997: Still in the clubs of Upper Normandy, it is in the largest club in this region that by taking the decks from time to time, with the club's Resident DJ: he will propel Manu as Resident DJ of a 300-seat club in the North-West of the Seine Maritime.



1998: In addition to animation and DJing, Manu will begin to take a close interest in pure sound and therefore participate in indoor and outdoor "live" installations. 



2000: A sudden call!!! Indeed: one spring morning, Manu's phone will ring, at the end of the line: the manager of a club in the North of Seine-Maritime who is looking for a professional DJ host, serious, with knowledge of sound systems and organization evenings. It was this year that Manu signed his first permanent contract as a Professional DJ and Artistic Director. 



2006: Still in perfectionism and not counting these hours in order to keep the club at the top of the bill, Manu will take part in the company while keeping his place as resident pro DJ and artistic director. 



2009: It is time to sail towards new adventures because the challenge has been largely met.... It was in 2009 that Manu, having left this magnificent adventure in the north of the department, decided to take the helm heading south again!!! Always combining Animation, Sound, Events in the private, public or professional sectors.

It is therefore in a new high-capacity club that Manu will spend 5 years continuing to perfect what he does best... 



2012: The life of Clubs in the region is going badly, economic reasons or repression? no matter the sector the clubs are falling little by little, It is before the end of this whole sector that Manu will imagine the creation of a company such as LGA Sonorisation. 



2013: Creation: We have to do things: It was therefore in 2013 that LGA Sonorisation was born and that Manu put to the benefit of others these professional qualities recognized in these fields which are animation, sound, events. . . 



Let the Adventure begin and last.... With you! 


with Francky Vincent 

Manu in live mix for Fun radio

              live broadcast

with Jay Style DJ International 

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